Guiding You to the Speed of Continuous Delivery

For many businesses, the path to DevOps can seem unapproachable at times. That is because DevOps is not simply a set of tools or a job title – it is a culture, a state of being, a way of life. Transforming a business into a living, breathing DevOps-enabled machine takes a group of experts who are not only experienced but fully dedicated to the task. That is where we come in.

Let us be your guide. Together we can navigate through the complexities of your DevOps Journey.

Forty8Fifty Labs draws from a wealth of experience transforming companies of all sizes to the speed of DevOps. We work with organizations in all stages of their DevOps journey with diverse business goals and varying access to resources. We apply practical knowledge to create a DevOps environment that supports your business objectives and becomes a way of life for your people – while sidestepping many of the avoidable pitfalls that can take your journey off course. The knowledge also comes from a deep bench of experts who can augment your staff and get your business up and running with DevOps the right way – right away.

Say hello to continuous delivery. Say hello to DevOps.


  • End-to-End DevOps Planning
    Forty8Fifty Labs recognizes the goals of faster innovation, accelerated time-to-market, improved deployment quality and better operational efficiency, which is why we leverage our real-world experience to bring you a comprehensive range of planning services. From readiness assessments and jumpstart programs to transformation gap analysis evaluations, we help organizations identify existing cultural process and technology divides that often prohibit successful DevOps initiatives. We also take the time to clearly highlight areas of concern and outline a personalized, practical action plan with prioritized recommendations.
  • Integrated Deployment Services
    The consulting experts at Forty8Fifty Labs have unparalleled expertise and a wealth of field-proven experience in deploying DevOps. Whether it is figuring out how to support continuous integration in agile environments or integrating add-ons to optimize infrastructure, Forty8Fifty Labs can give you the secrets to making each of these critical initiatives a success. We help you navigate your DevOps journey and secure active stakeholder participation from development, operations and support groups to make each journey a companywide success.
  • Custom Development and Integrations
    Our DevOps team has hands-on experience working with a wide variety of best-in-class and emerging DevOps tools, commonly referred to as a DevOps Toolkit. Whether your team requires custom integrations built around continuous integration/delivery, automated infrastructure provisioning, cloud integration or something unique to your environment – we can help. Our experts will quickly evaluate your needs, identify the right toolset and have the in-house knowledge to develop fast, scalable software solutions just for you.
  • Culture Realignment
    One of the critical success factors in any DevOps journey is to establish the hallmark collaborative culture. Teams that learn together, evolve together. It is about turning daunting business goals into smaller, more manageable tasks that teams can deliver successfully, repeatedly, under strict timelines and working in tandem with other teams throughout the organization. This is where our executive workshops and other planning services make a difference. We will help you figure out how to break down traditional silos, promote cross-team communication and develop a culture of constant process and product improvement – both now and into the future.


WELCOME TO THE SPEED OF DEVOPS | Introductory Consultation

This half-day workshop is led by experienced Forty8Fifty Labs consultants to provide context around what DevOps is and what it means to your business This includes live discussion of industry trends and leverages real world use cases to demonstrate direct results. This option includes a series of presentations and Q&A sessions intended to provide greater insight into the impracgt and value of DevOps, and generate awareness of the opportunities  DevOps can provide for all team members including IT operations, development teams and product owners.

DevOps culture and best practices
Discuss: Barriers to adoption and tips for success
Describe: The motivation behind the drive to DevOps in organizations of all sizes

DevOps Transformation Readiness Assess 

Once there is support in your organization to embark on a DevOps journey, the next step is to develop a big picture understanding of your current place in an agile environment. Forty8Fifty Labs offers a readiness assessment that outlines the necessary steps required to achieve a state of continuous delivery – exactly where you want to be. Our consultants meet with your development, IT operations and project management office and select product owner teams to gauge the current organizational, process and infrastructure readiness for DevOps adoption. From here, we formulate an overall assessment to understand the full scope, challenges and opportunities a DevOps environment will bring to your organization.

Our process includes:

  • Information gathering via staff interviews with development teams, project management teams, IT operations teams and product owners
  • Developing a DevOps tools strategy by conducting in-depth reviews of technical tool chains in IT operations, development and project management
  • Establishing the parameters used to produce a current state value stream map

You bring home with you the following:

  • DevOps road map complete with technical product recommendations
  • Presentation outlining recommendations for initial and/or continued DevOps-enabled activities
  • Detailed findings report
  • Current state value stream map

COACHING THE COACHES | Executive Engagement Consultation 

Our consultants maintain strong partnerships with industry thought leaders in the Agile, DevOps and data center infrastructure segments. Our thought leaders oversee an executive workshop led by an industry subject matter expert to prepare your leadership team for a successful DevOps transformation and implementation.

The Executive Engagement Consultation includes:

  • Defining business objectives, planning and organization patterns, and identifying first DevOps improvement initiative, schedule, and initial checkpoint
  • Forty8Fifty Labs resources to assist with the steps to identify and assign the objectives of the first sprint
  • Provide ongoing support for 180 days by connecting our advisors with your executives in a monthly conference call
  • Review of month-to-month iterations
  • Readjustment of priorities for continued sprints as needed

The Forty8Fifty Labs team unlocks the secrets to bringing your IT tools and your people together; accelerating your DevOps journey, improving collaboration, streamlining development and reducing time to revenue.

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