A Team of Experts to Keep You at Peak Velocity

Once you get up and running with Atlassian-enabled team collaboration, you don’t want anything slowing you down. And should issues or questions ever arise, it’s important to have someone at your side – and on your side. That’s why we offer a full suite of service solutions that span the full lifecycle of your Atlassian deployment.

We offer Level 2 support services that are delivered in a variety of packages to meet virtually any need, so whether you have a simple question or your production environment is down – we can help. We can also provide the proactive maintenance services that keep your software in tip top shape with the latest upgrades and patches. And if you need a place in the cloud to host your software – we can provide that, too.

Forty8Fifty Labs support offerings include:

Troubleshooting & Diagnosis

Our advanced technical support programs engage multiple resources to perform problem isolation. Our internal lab is available for re-creation and validation test activities. Additionally, we utilize secure remote capabilities such as WebEx & SSH, allowing us to remotely diagnose and correct issues in real time.


Knowing how and when to effectively escalate an issue is key to a quick resolution. Forty8Fifty Labs has multiple levels of expertise internal to our technical support organization as well as strong vendor relationships, providing a robust support team to handle any and all issues. We efficiently escalate any issue to the appropriate internal and/or vendor partner engineering resources, targeting not only a quick, but also thorough resolution

Proactive & Preventative Maintenance

Forty8Fifty Labs continuously tracks the latest product technical releases to keep our customers informed of any changes or updates related to their solution. Through periodic and recurring communications, this proactive program is designed to address and prevent issues from occurring before they can impact your business.

Expert-as- a-Service Staff Augmentation

Not enough resources to get the job done on time? Never fear, Forty8Fifty Labs is here to help. Our Expert-as- a-Service program can augment your staff with the highly skilled, trained and experienced Atlassian experts you need. We’ll join your team, embrace your projects as our own, and help you meet your critical deadlines with ease.

Managed DevOps Services

Get Atlassian, just the way you want it. Our managed DevOps Services host and manage your Atlassian tools, delivering complete support and maintenance by the Forty8Fifty Labs experts. Eliminate upfront data center investments, assure availability and resilience and benefit from expert system support and management. Benefit from comprehensive setup, high performance, complete patching and monitoring, data protection, end-to-end data security and more.

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