Make your move to cloud seamless.

At Forty8Fifty Labs, we’ve developed a proven process and proprietary tools for migrating to Atlassian Cloud with seamless efficiency. As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Provider, we’ll help you along your cloud migration journey with best practices to assess, plan and execute your cloud migration while minimizing business impact. As a result, you’ll accelerate your move to the cloud with confidence, utilizing an established approach that will help you realize the cloud’s value, both faster and smarter.


Migration assessments and proven project scoping.

To reduce your migration risk, we’ve instituted an iterative approach to our migration services by decoupling the assessment from the migration. By offering assessments separate from migration services we reduce the risk of improperly scoping your migration effort. We’ll identify potential obstacles, pinpoint decision criteria and set clear expectations early for migrations that are more concise and accurate – day one.


Migration planning.

Automated migration tools from Atlassian can make your journey easier, but they won’t completely replace manual efforts. Our migration planning services will help you know what items automated tools will and won’t address, so you can plan your move with the visibility needed for success.


Migration testing.

When migrating to the cloud, it’s important to test before production environments are impacted. We’ll expertly test your migration in a non-production environment so that unexpected errors don’t impact the instances that power your business. We’ll create a cloud test environment that is insulated from your production platform to ensure that your Atlassian stack is operating flawlessly prior to cutover.


Migration auditing.

Using our proven process, we’ll dig into your data with a rigorous auditing process to help you better understand its value. With a thorough examination of data that is in your on-prem environment, you can better understand what should be moved, kept in place or archived to make your migration cleaner and more efficient.


Third party app assessments.

We know from experience that not all third-party apps used for your on-prem environment should move to the cloud. They may overlap with other apps or haven’t been developed for cloud readiness, or simply aren’t being used. We’ll help you analyze and prioritize your apps so you can optimize your cloud utilization and make the most of your cloud instance.


Cloud readiness training and consulting.

Moving to Atlassian Cloud means life may be a bit different for your teams. While Atlassian instances in the cloud deliver greater simplicity, economy and flexibility, they can also behave a bit differently that when on-prem. From the API set to server maintenance to log access capabilities, well help ensure your staff is ready to operate with success in the cloud.

Migration made easy. Cloud made better.

Migrating to the cloud is a journey, but it doesn’t have to be hard. At Forty8Fifty Labs, we’ve delivered volumes of migrations spanning every level of complexity. As a result, we can deliver the best practices and migration methodology you need to get to the cloud fast, with confidence.

Get expert advice on your cloud migration today for a sure-footed journey that will maximize your Atlassian value and elevate team productivity.