In the era of the “Great Resignation” employee productivity is a paramount priority. However, increasing productivity can be challenging.

A McKinsey & Company report identifies that hiring top talent may be one way; top performers are up to eight times more productive. Improving engagement is another way. A Gallup workplace study found that companies see a 17% productivity boost when employees are engaged. Other leading ways that have been credited with increasing employee productivity include reductions in workplace interruptions, less meetings, mindfulness of workforce mental health and even more productive office space designs. But none of these are apt to drive productivity gains like one key thing: moving to the cloud.

The Productivity Impact of the Cloud

The cloud empowers productivity growth in significant ways. According to an Office 365 study, just under 80% of IT pros say a move to the cloud improved their productivity. Stanford has reported that employees who use apps in the cloud are 13% more productive than those who don’t.

If that’s not enough proof of the cloud’s value on productivity, consider the high cost of productivity drain. Gallup says low productivity costs companies $7 trillion annually.

If you haven’t already made the move to migrate your Atlassian environment to the cloud, the time is now, before lost productivity prevents your company from thriving. Consider these four ways the cloud will make your teams more productive:

  1. The cloud will shorten your IT teams’ to-do list. When you migrate to the cloud, many of the traditional tasks IT teams must manage – from purchasing hardware and installing software to managing performance, mitigating downtime and implementing security and compliance controls – all go away. This dramatically cuts back IT tickets and lowers the IT burden so they can focus on other strategic priorities.
  2. The cloud improves focus and expertise. Reducing the number of tasks on the IT team’s list also improves their focus and gives them more time to leverage their expertise – both creating opportunities for productivity gains. When you have too many tasks to manage, you create an environment where multitasking is required. This can have a negative effect on not just productivity, but also creativity, brain health and stress levels. Cut those back and productivity can soar.
  3. The cloud unburdens non-technical teams. The cloud enables improved automation which extends productivity gains beyond IT to other teams in HR, marketing, facilities and more. By better automating workflows in the cloud, basic tasks are removed from every employee’s to-do list giving them more time to focus on their expertise and strengths. Gallup research found this enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty and reports that people who use their strengths at work, daily, are 15% less likely to quit.
  4. The cloud fosters collaboration. Finally, of particular value during the new hybrid work world, the cloud empowers collaboration which increases perseverance, engagement and hyper-performance. How? The cloud connects teams better with greater transparency, thus, design, marketing, product and engineering teams for example can all connect easily in the same system across any device without complicated VPN setup or cumbersome access requirements.

A move to the cloud clearly will improve productivity and help your organization prosper. Even more, you’ll have the agile platform you need to adapt to changing business requirements more quickly, while retaining and nurturing your valued workforce.

Are you ready to make the move? Forty8Fifty Labs can make your cloud migration easy. Read more about our Atlassian Cloud migration services here, then contact us today to start your cloud readiness assessment.