As Atlassian Jira become more fully embedded into the fabric of our DevOps processes, there are a number of plug-ins or “Apps” that are making a difference in the everyday experience of DevOps teams. These Apps, available on the Atlassian Marketplace, are Atlassian-proven and tightly integrated product development solutions so teams who need to get more done in less time, can.

As an active innovator for many DevOps projects leveraging Atlassian Jira, we’ve run across a few Apps for Jira that are particularly effective. Following is our first list of the top Jira Apps that will add value, and speed, to your projects.

  1. Riada Insight– The Riada Insight platform enables users to create any type of object structure in Jira. This means you can manage just about anything that isn’t already an issue in Jira from a single platform that seamlessly integrates with Jira. Connect processes and workflows for your business teams like HR, legal, marketing and finance and embed them into Jira. Power your software asset management and configuration management tasks with the control IT teams need over all hardware and software assets for comprehensive ITIL and service management. Or, use it to manage even your largest structures of systems, subsystems, components and software builds with clear visibility into bug reports and release notes.

Why we like it?  The platform is seemingly limitless and very powerful. It’s automation framework delivers both freedom and control over large asset structures. With embedded JQL functions and IQL expressions, you get great search functionality when searching for assets and attributes. This makes everyday tasks exponentially easier and faster. Plus, its open Java and REST APIs make the possibilities to use Insight nearly limitless.

  1. Arsenale Dataplane– For powerful and intuitive reporting and analytics for Jira, look no further than Arsenale Dataplane. Ideal when you want sophisticated charting and analysis for your KPIs and Jira data trends, Dataplane lets you unlock the power of your Jira project and issue history.

Why we like it?  Dataplane lets you actually reach back in time to view historical trends. This gives you the visibility to analyze everything from issue links and chart transition timing to even evaluating project and team performance.

  1. Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Budgets– Timesheets and budgets. For most DevOps teams nothing could be more boring. Tempo makes these tedious tasks easy and fast, so everyone can get back to the fun, value-adding stuff. For time tracking, Tempo lets users launch a time tracker while they work in Jira and simply converts it into a work log. For budgeting, Tempo helps you easily track costs, revenue and even earned value with visibility into a collection of any Jira element.

Why we like it?  Tempo Timesheets delivers great detail on how people are spending their time and gives you the data you need to support financial processes. And, Tempo Budgets enables financial reporting access in real-time with the ability to export reports to XLS, CSV or PDF making financial reviews a breeze.

  1. Forty8Fifty Labs’ SmartHandler – Email Logic for Jira– Managing multiple issues and tickets from information contained in inbound emails and forms can be a real time and resource drain. SmartHandler – Email Logic for Jira is the cure. The automated issue and ticket creation solution allows Jira and Jira Service Desk users to automatically monitor, analyze and action email content. Leveraging a powerful, dynamic logic and scoring engine, SmartHandler -Email Logic for Jira supports advanced and complex issue/ticket creation and update scenarios, making email actionable within Jira and Jira Service Desk environments.

Why we like it? One email can trigger multiple create and update actions across multiple, interdependent projects. This means it’s ideal for keeping IT operations, Security Operations and DevOps teams – even business department users in HR, marketing, finance and more – all on the same page, without the extra steps.

  1. SoftwarePlant BigPicture– With a lot to keep track of, managing DevOps projects can become a challenge, especially when you need to keep everyone on a consistent timeline and cadence. SoftwarePlant’s BigPicture will help you get organized. Complying with agile software development methodologies and Scaled Agile Framework, BigPicture delivers robust capabilities for activity planning, resource and risk management while overseeing project execution.

Why we like it?  BigPicture works straight out of the box giving project managers a great user experience while enhancing Jira’s GUI. For large organizations and complex projects BigPicture Enterprise is especially effective when running parallel projects that are supported by an array of teams with different goals and deadlines.

From project planning and tracking to release and reporting, there is potentially no better solution than Atlassian Jira. Yet, there’s always room for added value. Try these Jira Apps to speed your time to value and you’ll be able to do more than you ever thought possible, in less time that you’d imagine.