Everything I needed to know, yo, about DevOps, I learned from Vanilla Ice. That is, “All right… stop, collaborate and listen.” And, “…if there is a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.”

Seriously, though. Love rap or not, when it comes to DevOps these are great words to live by.

I’ve seen many projects fail, even when they have upper management buy-in, because teams simply tried to throw a new tool at the problem or started a team without cross-departmental input. You should consider all the stakeholders and the entire value stream and get them together in a way that is collaborative, rather than competitive or sioled.

If I was starting DevOps transformation from scratch, I’d first analyze the organization to see where the constraints are. Figure out the choke points; where is the most work piling up? But, also consider everything influencing those challenges, because just adding a new product or person into the process won’t solve it. In fact, if you don’t consider the cultural facets or process aspects of the challenge, you might make it worse.

I share more about the challenges of implementing DevOps in this video with some tips to help make the transformation easier.

Why is a partner like Forty8Fifty Labs so important? It can be very easy for vendors to simply sell a solution or product without assessing how it fits into the culture of your organization. Likewise, it can seem like a quick fix to just add more staff to overcome the workload. But when it comes to DevOps experience really counts. We have the experience to plan, build and run a number of DevOps solutions. Even more, we’ve seen and tackled some of the most complex challenges and know the secrets to solve challenges for good. Having been down the road before, we know where the gaps are and how to bridge them.

So, what else have we learned from Vanilla Ice? DevOps can deliver serious results for business transformation projects. When done right, the impact can be nothing short of significant…

“Love it or leave it, you better gain way
You better hit bull’s eye, the kid don’t play”