Best Practices from the Experts – Video Series #1

During the recent Verinext and Forty8Fifty Labs Tech Summit, we visited with several of our strategic DevOps partners to explore how DevOps is evolving. We discussed use cases from their experience that illustrate how AI, machine learning and innovators like Atlassian are helping to eliminate silos and create better functioning teams.

The expert presenters in this video series provide insights into the changing DevOps environment and provide perspective from their hands-on experience. Ultimately, they provide insights into how they are helping customers solve ITSM challenges with new lean techniques and leverage data more effectively to improve IT functionality and DevOps design.

In the following video, Forty8Fifty Labs’ Brooke Gravitt speaks with Hal Rottenberg, Staff Presales Engineer from Splunk. Together, they outline the advantages of combining Atlassian with Splunk’s business intelligence and data mapping. This integration produces a cross-operational view of operations that can detect anomalies and trigger ITSM action. They also explore how the integration can flag abuses in the system, such as web scraping, that can negatively impact operations and describe how Splunk is an effective security tool to track unauthorized use of assets.

Looking ahead, Splunk is bullish on machine learning technology that will be able to dig deeper into connections between events and alert DevOps to possible issues previously less evident.  Splunk believes DevOps will be able to combine machine learning with end-user data to innovate with a more refined approach to product design and features.