Forty8Fifty Labs joins the Red Hat Application Platform Partner Initiative

ATLANTA – May 2, 2018Forty8Fifty Labs, the DevOps and software development subsidiary of Verinext Systems, today announced that it has joined the Red Hat Application Platform Partner initiative. Through the initiative, Forty8Fifty Labs and Red Hat can collaborate on application development and integration projects that power digital transformation based on open source technology.

Red Hat is piloting its Application Platform Partner initiative, which was launched in 2017, with a select group of solution-oriented consulting partners in North America. Forty8Fifty Labs is among this group and aims to fuel digital transformation by capitalizing on the power of open source technology.

“Leveraging emerging technologies such as containers and mobile, as well as cloud-native application development, DevOps organizations are changing the way applications are built,” said Rashad Neloms, Vice President, Technology & Strategy, Forty8Fifty Labs. “By collaborating with Red Hat, we are helping organizations to seize anopportunity designed to reduce their costs and increase agility so that they can realize digital transformation.”

“We believe Forty8Fifty Labs is a DevOps innovator, providing a strongcombination of technology and consulting knowledgeto enable development teams to do more,” said D. Martin, VicePresident, North America Sales, Red Hat. “They exemplify what it means to be aRed Hat Application Platform Partner. Together, we are helping organizations do transformative things, so they are better able to build andmaintain a competitive advantage.”

Red Hat solutions for application development and integration projects are part of Forty8Fifty Labs’ portfolio of solutions for custom development and integrated deployment services. Working closely with Red Hat, the company helps customers implement the architectures, platforms and processes that cansupport digital transformation strategies. For more information visit:

Forty8Fifty Labs is a sponsoring exhibitor at Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco, May 8-10. To learn more, visit:

Red Hat Principal Architect Veer Muchandi will also be a featured speaker during the DevOps Tech Summit hosted by Forty8Fifty Labs on May 15 in Atlanta. The one-day conference, DevOps Tech Summit: Containers, Microservices and Loosely Coupled Architecture – The Big Picturewill also feature keynote speaker Jez Humble, CTO at DevOps Research & Assessment and Author of The DevOps Handbook, Lean Enterprise, andContinuous Delivery. To register, visit:

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