Company Now Authorized by Atlassian to Provide Solutions for Complex Enterprise Needs Across the Entire Atlassian Product Portfolio

ATLANTA June 7, 2017 – Forty8Fifty Labs, the DevOps and software development subsidiary of Verinext Systems, today announced that it is now recognized as an authorized Atlassian Enterprise Partner. One of a select group of Atlassian partners to specialize in the entire Atlassian product portfolio, Forty8Fifity Labs provides solutions for complex enterprise needs and offers dedicated services and solutions for even the most demanding enterprise requirements.

“We are pleased to award Forty8Fifty Labs the Atlassian Enterprise Badge to add to their Solution Partner expertise. The Atlassian Enterprise Badge is earned and awarded by demonstrating experience and skills in tackling Enterprise-grade IT challenges like scaling, performance and security,” says Pat Anemone, Channel Manager US, Atlassian.

“At Forty8Fifty Labs we are experts in helping businesses come together to work more efficiently, more creatively and in more productive ways, while optimizing the value from their Atlassian products,” said Rashad Neloms, Vice President Technology & Strategy, Forty8Fifty Labs. “Now, as an Atlassian Enterprise Partner, we are extending our solutions and services to fully support enterprise customers with the Atlassian-backed best practices, integrations and customizations they need to improve collaborative development and speed their time to production.”

As an Atlassian Enterprise Partner, Forty8Fifty Labs is an Atlassian expert in the areas of building solutions that deliver security and privacy, predictable licensing and assured compliance with the flexibility and extensibility organizations need to be reliably agile. Forty8Fifty Labs also delivers world-class Atlassian consulting, support, and training that’s custom designed to suit the needs of enterprise organizations. For more information, visit:

About Forty8Fifty Labs

Forty8Fifty Labs is the DevOps and Agile Consulting, Services and Software Development subsidiary of Verinext Systems, Inc.  With decades of field-proven experience in solving the toughest challenges for today’s CIOs and the Development/Operations teams they lead, the Forty8Fifty Labs team unlocks the secrets to bringing your IT tools and your people together; accelerating your DevOps journey, improving collaboration, streamlining development, and reducing time to revenue.  Let us help you supercharge your business with our team’s unparalleled expertise, extensive partnerships, and custom tools and integrations. Learn more at