Migrating to the cloud is a journey, not a race. For all migrations, an in-depth assessment and planning need are necessary to identify and prepare for the eventual curveballs that migration assumptions throw you. Forty8fifty Labs has delivered numerous migrations of all sizes. From 10’s of thousands to just 10’s. Each leveraging best practices but customized for that customer’s specific business needs and timelines.

Eliminate the challenges of migrating to the cloud and tap into the advanced Atlassian experience and migration best practices of Forty8Fifty Labs to assess, plan, and execute a migration to Atlassian Cloud most smoothly and efficiently; while minimizing business impact.

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Your Atlassian Cloud Migration Reality Check

5 Steps Toward an Expert Migration

Migrating your Atlassian apps from on-prem to the cloud can be challenging, but with a little expert advice you’ll be able to make the move without any missteps.


Understand the Power (and Limits) of Automated Tools

While Atlassian offers automated migration tools to assist in making your move to the cloud easier, they don’t completely replace manual efforts. Before kicking off a migration, get to know what items automated tools can and can’t address.


Test Your Migration in a Non-Production Environment

On-prem data centers are accustomed to having a standard test environment. To ensure unexpected errors don’t impact the instances, plan to create a test environment in the cloud insulated from the production platform to check your Atlassian stack prior to cutover.


Dig Into Your Data with Rigorous Auditing of On-Prem Instances

IT teams who really know their data recognize how much it grows over time, and how many integrations are added, as well. A thorough examination of everything currently residing on-prem can reveal which elements should be moved, kept in place, or archived to achieve an efficient migration.


Prioritize Your Third-Party Apps, They Can Be a “Mixed Bag” for Migrations

Not all 3rd party apps should be moved to the cloud – particularly those that overlap, aren’t in use, or aren’t fully supported. Consult vendors on cloud-readiness and talk to business users about utilization before deciding which apps can and should join the migration.


Get On Top of the Ways Life Will Be Different in the Cloud

While Atlassian instances in the cloud deliver greater simplicity, economy, and flexibility, they can also behave differently than they did on-prem. From the API set to server maintenance to log access capabilities, understanding the differences in advance can ensure your staff is ready to manage your apps as soon as your migration completes.

Expert Guidance Creates a Sure-Footed Journey
from On-Premise Data Centers to the Cloud

Migrating your Atlassian apps to the cloud can be challenging.  Minimize business impact and maximize value by letting Forty8Fifty Labs plan and execute your cloud migration.  Let your team focus on your business.  Let Forty8Fifty Labs take you to the cloud.

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