Atlassian Learning Programs for High Performance Teams

Supercharge your business and elevate your teams. Our Atlassian learning programs, delivered by expert instructors that have seen and done it all, will accelerate your team’s innovation and productivity. Far from standard, our certified Atlassian training courses deliver the deep, hands-on knowledge your teams need to maximize the value of your Atlassian investment and power your journey with Atlassian products.

We are certified to provide a full lineup of Atlassian courses – but our trainings don’t just “stick to the script.” We deliver the real world and practical knowledge your teams need to raise their game and take your Atlassian experience to the next level.

Available for private groups, either on-site or in our dedicated Atlanta training facility, Forty8Fifty Labs’ Atlassian training programs deliver the insider tips, best practices and optimizations that will set your team apart.

Role-Based Path

Role-Based Path Training Programs

Our role based Atlassian learning programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your business and your team. Programs offered include paths for…

Jira Users

Learn to use Jira to manage daily work and projects, plus track work progress with your team.

Jira Project

Learn how to configure project boards, set up sprints, assign team members to roles and create reports for global change management.


Become an expert in how to configure project boards, set up sprints, assign team members and roles, create reports and more as an essential Jira team administrator.


Get trained in the fundamentals and essentials of working in Confluence to collaboratively create documentation.


Learn how to deliver the best team experience for creating and managing content, managing Confluence users, spaces and templates for your knowledge base and documentation.

Jira Service
Project Administrators

Become an expert in managing and customizing Jira service projects to match team processes and SLAs.

Practice-Based Path

Practice-Based Path Training Programs

For teams, our practice based Atlassian learning programs deliver valuable, real-world insights into best practices, methodologies and frameworks to accelerate your time to delivery. Trainings provided include paths for…

Team Agile

Discover new ways to build on your agile skills to optimize Jira Software for your development teams.

Agile at Scale

Learn how Jira and Jira Align can ensure visibility at the team, Program and Portfolio levels to drive overall business value, whether you use LeSS, SAFe, SoS or any other agile at scale framework.


Learn the Atlassian approach to DevOps and how to connect Jira with Bitbucket, Jira Service Management and other third-party tools to optimize your DevOps workflow.


Learn IT service management (ITSM) concepts and principles and configure Jira Service Management, and other tools, to implement the ITSM process.


Atlassian Certification Programs

For Atlassian pros that want to give their career a further boost, Forty8Fifty Labs also delivers Atlassian Certification courses that are designed to strengthen your expertise and expand your opportunities. Certifications include:

• Managing Jira Projects for Cloud Certification

• Managing Jira Projects for Data Center and Server Certification

• Managing Jira Service Projects for Cloud Certification

• Jira Administrator for Cloud Certification

• Jira Administrator for Data Center and Server Certification

• Managing Jira Projects for Data Center and Server Certification

• Atlassian Certified Expert Certification

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