With Exalate, Forty8Fifty Labs Simplifies and Automates Synchronization of Cross-Company Issue Tracking

ATLANTA, August 24, 2021Forty8Fifty Labs, the Agile and DevOps consultancy and subsidiary of Verinext Systems, today announced that it has partnered with Exalate for the delivery of the Exalate solution for flexible service desk synchronization. Together, the companies enable simplified syncing between service desk and ticketing solutions for more productive collaboration and issue tracking and management.

“With Exalate, we are able to simplify and automate even the most complex issue tracking environments,” said Armando Wirshing, Senior Business Development Manager, Forty8Fifty Labs. “Featuring an intuitive scripting engine, Exalate is optimized for cross-company issue tracking use cases and is not only high performing but extensible as well. It is a core component of our solutions and deployments for IT service management (ITSM).”

“Forty8Fifty Labs is an expert at architecting and implementing service management solutions that address even the most challenging requirements,” said Francis Martens, CTO, Exalate. “We are pleased to have their expertise and insight as part of our growing ecosystem of technology and delivery partners.”

Exalate is offered as part of Forty8Fifty Labs’ solutions and services for lean ITSM which leverage automation to deliver service request management, incident management, problem management and change management. For more information visit: https://www.forty8fiftylabs.com/lean-itsm.

About Exalate
Exalate is a flexible synchronization tool designed for issue trackers and service desks. The solution supports both uni- and bi-directional sync and offers full control of what is being shared and with who data is being synchronized. The solution supports synchronization for Zendesk, Atlassian Jira, HP AC/ALM, ServiceNow, Github and other trackers. Learn more at www.exalate.com.

About Forty8Fifty Labs

Forty8Fifty Labs is the DevOps and Agile Consulting, Services and Software Development subsidiary of Verinext Systems, Inc.  With decades of field-proven experience in solving the toughest challenges for today’s CIOs and the Development/Operations teams they lead, the Forty8Fifty Labs team unlocks the secrets to bringing your IT tools and your people together; accelerating your DevOps journey, improving collaboration, streamlining development, and reducing time to revenue.  Let us help you supercharge your business with our team’s unparalleled expertise, extensive partnerships, and custom tools and integrations. Learn more at www.forty8fiftylabs.com.