Better Visibility, Collaboration & Connection for Your Business

At Forty8Fifty Labs, we offer a highly-focused suite of software products from the world’s leading vendors in development and operations enablement. And we know how to unleash them to help your business achieve levels of visibility, collaboration and connection that have never before been possible. That’s because we don’t just sell software, we know it – inside and out.

Our experts can help assemble the solutions that are right for you, and chart a course for deployment that solves your unique business challenges – while avoiding the real-world issues that can derail your success. Then we bring those tools even closer together with applications, plug-ins and gap-filling software that power up your development and operations environment with unsurpassed transparency, teamwork and togetherness.

Leveraging the Atlassian Portfolio

Forty8Fifty Labs is proud to offer Atlassian’s tools for teams as the cornerstone of our software portfolio. And we’re excited to put these solutions together in new ways that allow businesses to come together and work more efficiently, more creatively and more productively than ever before.

Our experts are masters at helping you get the most out of Atlassian software. Whether we are connecting Jira to Splunk for enriched real-time ticketing, or performing a custom integration to make BitBucket work even better in your development environment, we love helping our customers collaborate better with Atlassian.

Custom Software Development

Forty8Fifty Labs is excited to offer software development capabilities to help improve the integration between your current software solutions – and extend their capabilities. We have decades of experience in the implementation and support of the software products at the heart of today’s most innovative development and operations environments. And we use it to help improve the interaction between the various solutions in your organization. Whether we are developing custom software for a specific client need or building software tools that can be used by anyone, we are constantly focused on delivering innovative software that helps our customers accelerate their operations and reach their business objectives.

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