Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative tool in all disciplines and businesses. Specifically, its integration into the workforce has and will continue to transform our day-to-day responsibilities. Forty8Fifty Labs has partnered with Atlassian, a front-runner in AI, to provide practical and pivotal applications to teamwork in any setting through virtual teammates, finding and translating actionable insights and boosting productivity.

Increasing Team Capabilities through Virtual Teammates

Everyone wishes they had just one more hand, or an entire other “self” to tackle tasks. Atlassian Intelligence is now leveraging conversational AI to increase your team’s capabilities. They are able to do this through delegated virtual agents who support interactions and deliver conversational support through your favorite collaboration tools. They also feature type suggestions that stand up a service project for anything and create request types with just a few prompts. Today, 23% of requests have been resolved by Atlassian Intelligence’s Virtual Agent.

Building out Actionable Insights

Actionable data is high level currency for every digital business. It can boost your company to great heights when translated and woven into marketing, sales and product assets. Atlassian Intelligence now extracts valuable insights from company data faster than ever before, allowing teams to shift from spending time extracting and decoding data to taking immediate action. How does it work? You can now ask Forty8Fifty Labs’ Atlassian AI to pull and translate data for you in natural language. Here are the features:

  • Natural language to JQL: Use natural language to find issues without JQL experience, in Jira Software or Jira Work Management.
  • Natural language to SQL: Expand access to insights in Atlassian Analytics, no SQL required.

They also have more features in the works. Now available in its beta format are Q&A searches in Confluence and Compass. For more information on these click here.

Increasing Productivity

According to MIT’s recent study, professionals utilizing artificial intelligence within its defined parameters see a 40% enhancement in worker performance compared to those who don’t. Atlassian Intelligence is harnessing AI improving individual and team productivity through specific tools such as editor, summaries and natural language automation. Their generative AI model is integrated into their editor feature. This allows teams to instantly create content, change tone and generate ideas across Atlassian cloud products. The program also utilizes AI to power summaries on any topic in Confluence in natural language. This will help teams by alerting and translating information to quickly resolve incidents. Currently, the beta program is working to use AI definitions and languages that are specific to company concepts and jargon. These three features are leaps ahead in supporting productivity in the workplace, team based or individualized.

AI technology has the power to create a positive impact on teamwork. More specifically, Atlassian’s AI integration into Forty8Fifty labs is shifting the mindset to teamwork, offering practical solutions to enhance efficiency, fast-track data-driven decisions and empower workers’ productivity. By embracing these innovations, teams can navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with confidence and agility. This alliance is delivering ahead-of-its-time AI solutions, as well as cloud services, data migration help and more. Through the partnership, the companies have created solutions above industry standards. For more information on Forty8Fifty Labs and Atlassian solutions, click here then connect with us to schedule a consultation.

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